“We recently booked Jaimie Webster Haines to DJ for a premium client event of 300 ladies. She bought so much enthusiasm to the event and really gave the night a unique touch which set just the right tone.

Super professional in every way and a lovely gal as well, awesome job. Can’t wait to work together again soon.“



"Denizen Magazine employed the services of Mr&Mrs Haines for our inaugural Denizen Heroes event in 2016, with 450 guests in attendance. Nathan and Jaimie did an amazing job - their ability to read a crowd and building and softening the mood when the mood required it ensured our guests were thoroughly entertained, with many leaving the event raving about the music."

Claire Sullivan, Publisher and Editor-in-chief, Denizen Magazine, New Zealand

“Launching the most expensive hotel suite in the country came with lofty expectations, and Jaimie and Nathan brought a layered, on-brand, eclectic and elevated set to the mix.  Nathan’s trio kicked off proceedings, and later the DJ set that is Mr & Mrs Haines expertly weaved and adapted to the crowd to end on a packed dancefloor.   Couldn’t recommend this dynamic duo more.”

Imogen O’Neill, Creative Director, Undertow Media


“We had the privilege of Nathan and Jaimie performing a DJ set at our daughter’s wedding.  They couldn’t have been more helpful leading up to the occasion and their performance on the night was outstanding.  They read the crowd perfectly and the dance floor remained full the entire time.  Having Nathan performing live over the music was a highlight of the night with guests talking about it for days afterwards.  They’re the best!”  

Murray Thom, Thom Productions     

"We have had the pleasure of having Nathan and Jaimie Webster Haines play at The Oyster Inn over the last four years, and whether it's performing individually or together as Mr&Mrs Haines they bring their unique blend of inherent talent and inexplicable cool to the Inn and our customers love it." 

Andrew Glenn and Jonathan Rutherford Best, co-owners The Oyster Inn, Waiheke Island, New Zealand

"Nathan and Jaimie performed for us for a private client event earlier this year and were incredible to deal with. They really understood the theme of the event and went above and beyond to ensure guests had an immersive experience with the history of the music. Nathan performed a variety of musical pieces and Jaimie took the role of DJ in-between courses of the evening. Nathan and Jaimie were a pleasure to work with and are both so talented in their own way – we will definitely be working with them again in the future."

Sarah Campbell. Senior account executive, Campbell & Co, Auckland, New Zealand

"Jaimie was FANTASTIC! She played a great set during dinner and drinks and really created a cool and sophisticated vibe for the evening. We would definitely recommend her!"

Olivia Manca, Event manager, Fait Accompli, London, United Kingdom

"Nathan Haines is a versatile, talented and creative individual who knows how to tailor his art to a particular business or social context.  We've had a long relationship with Nathan who has provided ambient music and performed live at a number of our events including the Cloudy Bay 30th Anniversary celebrations as well as writing and producing music for our promotional videos and supplying DJ mixes for our Cloudy Bay Pinot Noir Salon Events in London, Sydney, New York and Tokyo."

Ian Morden, Estate Director, Cloudy Bay Vineyards, Blenheim, New Zealand

"Jaimie and Nathan were fantastic! They took care of the organisation of everything music and sound related in the lead up to our wedding. This was brilliant, as it took some of the stress of wedding planning off our plates. On the day, live jazz from Nathan perfectly complimented the ceremony and the DJ set later in the night got everyone on the dance floor. These two are a seamless and professional duo!"

Alexandra Munro, BRIDE. Abbyville Estate New Zealand 2015